Support The Dialysis PATIENTS Act!

We need your voice to help get dialysis patients the integrated care they deserve. With the PATIENTS Act:

  • Patients can continue to see any provider that accepts Medicare Fee-for-Service (FFS) 
  • Patients can choose to stay in or opt out of the Demonstration 
  • Patients will have access to supplemental benefits over and above Medicare FFS 
  • Patients can rely on a nephrologist-led care team to coordinate their non-dialysis needs 
  • Patients will receive transition support once a kidney transplant becomes available

Take Action!

Contact Your Representatives Today!

In addition to calling the capitol switchboard at 202.224.3121 to reach your Senators or Representative, you can also find the direct number to any Congressional office by consulting the Senate phone list or House phone list.

Once you reach your Member's office, identify yourself and tell the office that you are a constituent.

Express your support for integrated care for all dialysis patients, and encourage the Representative or Senator to support the Dialysis PATIENTS Demonstration Act (H.R. 4143 / S. 2065).