Our Story

Most Dialysis patients have three or more serious conditions, take around 20 pills a day, and are in the hospital twelve days a year... with little or no support. Help make their lives better by telling your Congressman to support the PATIENTS Act!


Brenda's Story

Brenda discusses her struggle with dialysis and why the PATIENTS ACT will help her and millions more to live a better a life.


A Social Worker's Story

As a social worker, Ebonique sees first hand how her patients would benefit from Congress passing the PATIENTS Act.


Dewayne's Story

Watch Dewayne speak about living with dialysis and why the PATIENTS Act will help him get the care he deserves.


Testimonials From Patients And Caregivers

“I am diabetic, have a defibrillator, have low thyroid, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. While today I am capable of coordinating all my medical care, manage my medications and still drive, I realize that the day may come when I will need help in all of these areas. I encourage you to pass the Dialysis PATIENTS Demonstration Act. It will be a tremendous help to people in kidney failure with multiple health problems.”

J. Pekrul, INDIANA


“I am writing to express my hope that you co-sponsor and pass the Dialysis PATIENTS Demonstration Act.  Why? Because if my patients are on dialysis, I would want them to have access to coordinated care, and transportation and medication management. Being part of the dialysis world, I understand that those are some of the main drivers of quality of life and longevity for our patients.”



“I believe in moving away from a fee for service model and moving towards an integrated care model will align incentive with health outcomes. We would see much more innovation that would better our patient’s lives.”



“Dialysis patients have been left behind in the healthcare system and integrated care would be a blessing.  I commend you for sponsoring this bill in congress.”

E. Pulliam, MISSOURI


“I see many patients struggling to manage their overwhelming needs in a very complicated health care system…My family and I would appreciate your efforts to co-sponsor and pass the Dialysis PATIENTS Demonstration Act. This would bring valuable assistance to help streamline services, improve their quality of life, reduce hospitalizations, and improve clinical outcomes. Most of all, it would reduce the burden for an already vulnerable population.”

A. Green, Renal Social Worker, MISSOURI


“This is a terminal sickness that won’t go away unless you get a transplant and the medicines are very expensive. So I urge you all very much to help us.”



“I take eleven medications twice a day and with every meal. These are difficult to manage and are ever-changing.  My vision is also declining due to my dialysis. It would be very helpful to have a nurse to help me with these.  I have to contend with pharmacies to make sure important medications I need to take are being distributed when I need them.  It is hard to schedule doctors’ appointments and I am responsible for my transportation because I cannot drive…I urge you to pass the Dialysis PATIENTS Demonstration Act.”



“I think having access to a nurse outside of treatment would be extremely beneficial to help with medications, monitoring of weight, and vital signs and someone to call if I have health concerns. Please co-sponsor and pass the Dialysis PATIENTS Demonstration Act. It could greatly improve my health.”

M. Schaefferkoetter, MISSOURI


“Through coordinated care (in an ESRD seemless care organization), I have witnessed clinical outcomes improving—leading to fewer complications, decreased depression levels, and truly lowering healthcare costs as hospitalizations drop.  As an experienced healthcare worker in dialysis, I see the direct need and benefit to having coordinated care through dialysis, as we already see out patients three times per week.  This is a unique position that I don’t see available in any other avenue in healthcare.”

A Moselmian, FLORIDA


“Integrated health care could help streamline services, improve quality of life, reduce complication in hospitalization and readmission and most importantly improve clinical outcomes.”

Y. Malcolm Dobson, FLORIDA


“I have been on dialysis for 4.5 years. I’m a father of 3 girls ages 1, 4, 8. Some of the concerns I’ve seen in healthcare: coordinating my tests/evaluations, high costs for healthcare/not meeting my maximum so I constantly pay, finding good doctors who will communicate with each other, and no case management/coordination.  I support the PATIENTS Demonstration Act to have access to better healthcare.”

E.A. Sutherland, FLORIDA


“I am a social worker. Please consider passing Dialysis PATIENTS Act. I’m hopeful that this passes so patients can receive better coordination of services which can highly improve their quality of life. If not patients get lost in the system.”

J. Sotto, NEVADA


“Dialysis is a community and a family. We see and care for our patients 4-5 hours, 3 times a week. There is a trust and a relationship we build not often found in other medical settings. These patients depend on us when they are at their most vulnerable and taxed.  Passing the Dialysis PATIENTS Demonstration Act would allow us to support our patients and offer them the best care by maximizing the reach of our interdisciplinary team.”

C. Farrington, WASHINGTON


“As I think about integrated care and the impact it could have on my patients, I see many benefits including both physical and mental to our patients in having someone oversee many of the pieces of their healthcare that are constantly changing.”



“Integrated care for this vulnerable populations would provide ease of services for both the patient and healthcare professional, thereby reducing complications and hospitalizations, and improving the quality of life of those we care for.”

C. Kittilson, WASHINGTON